Our Culture

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To serve 500 families by 2020!
As a company that values client relationships and experience we have no doubt that goal will be met!


Local Expert Realty exists to positively impact the well being of those we serve through expert market knowledge, attentiveness, protection, and guidance.

Our slogan is “Experience is the difference” for a reason. We pride ourselves in being the Experts you deserve when making a life changing change in your life. Buying and Selling a home can be a challenging time for some, we want to take that pressure off of you and make your life a little easier.

Core Values:

Our Core Values is what helps keep us strong, we believe these principles are what makes our Experts so great!

Love= We believe relationships are paramount where openness and honesty leads to trust, faith and understanding.
Loyalty = We believe our allegiance to the people we serve is shown through our support and dedication
Accountability = We believe in producing results not excuses.
Work Ethic = We believe with hard work anything is possible!
Grateful & Humble = We humbly serve others with genuine appreciation for their strengths and weaknesses through respect and kindness.
Growth = We value personal and professional development with a focus on reflection and consistent improvement.
Integrity = We meet our promises by following through on our word.
Synergy = We work together to create a whole that is greater than the simple sum of our individual parts.
Passion = We value passion, determination, perseverance and the sense of urgency.
FUN! = We have a fun, adventurous and positive spirit.